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 NEW: Cern and Anann now have their own music CD

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Artwork by Mickie Mueller, see more at

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Christians and Wiccans: Is There Anything We Agree Upon?  Some believe these two religions are mutually exclusive in character and content. But are these two faith paths really that different? 


ChristoPaganity: Reconciling Our Differences. Can the differences between the adherents
of these two faiths find any common ground and
so find a way to live in peace with each other?


Cern's Favorite Pagan Links
Be sure to check out Cern's Pagan Links Page
with info on Indianapolis  and Indiana Pagans,
AOL Pagans, Pagan Ethics links, Religious texts,
and many fun & Interesting links for Pagans.
Cernowain Greenman's lecture at
Indianapolis Pagan Pride in 2003.


pagan music


Cern's Pagan Songbook Online. Your favorite Pagan artists and your favorite Pagan songs with lyrics and guitar chords .

Yule Songs! Paganized Carols and songs--
with lyrics and chords. Get your Pagan friends together at Yule and sing these fun songs for the Winter Solstice.


Cernowain Greenman recommends:

Christopaganism: An Inclusive Path

written by Pagan authors River and Joyce Higginbotham.

This book is available at


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